The parents of the boy who fell into the gorilla, Harambe’s enclosure, leading to the endangered silverback’s death said that they were receiving death threat after the incident. The gorilla attack survivor’s parents apparently got several death threats.

Millions of people criticized the Cincinnati zoo’s move. Some of them even suggested that the parents of the gorilla attack survivor should be shot instead of the innocent animal. Twitter is bombarded with such tweets following the incident. quoted an angered twitter user who commented, “I’m pro animals. Take better care of your 3yr old F*****G KID you lazy son of a b***h. Shoot the parents first then the gorilla. Rant over.”

Another twitter user tweeted, “Having seen the state of the parents who let their son in a gorilla pen, #Harambe could have done mankind a favour..if we hadn’t shot him.”

Responding to the criticism the boy’s mother Michelle took to Facebook to lash at the critics. Some even supported the killing of the animal. Gorilla attack survivor Levan Merritt supported the move.

However, Cincinnati Zoo authorities have to face further  criticism as a recent video footage  suggested that the child’s life was not at risk and Harambe was protecting it. Eye witnesses have also confirmed the same and said that the gorilla was protecting the child, reported the Mirror. The report could further fuel the anger of millions of people across the globe.

Earlier it was stated that the screams of panic-stricken people had aggravated the gorilla and it attacked and dragged Isaiah, the 4-year-old boy at a quick speed across the water.

Although, till now the zoo has not been charged, it has been reported that it was previously warned over a security breach. As per federal reports the zoo had been warned that there could be injuries or harm to the public. The warning came following an incident when two polar bears came out through an open den door.

Animal protection watchdog group Stop Animal exploitation NOW has filed a complaint accusing the Zoo.