Virtual reality (VR) has taken the market by storm this year, and it would not be less to say that this year goes to VR. The first quarter of the year are not yet over since the launch of the VR headsets, and GoPro has already unveiled its latest plans to support VR filmmakers and fans.

At Las Vegas, NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) had organized an event this week to showcase the new VR camera and launch a new VR platform for sharing immersive videos.

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Reportedly, the event will see first the launch of Omni VR camera which has six synchronized cameras. GoPro calls it as a spherical array. However, the device looks more like a rounded square, notes Mashable.

The Omni VR camera comprises an aluminum rig, six Hero4 camera and will be priced at US$4,999 (AU$ 6465). The device is lightweight and made for action shots, which is capable of capturing 8K videos, cites The Verge.

The company is also launching a combination website for GoPro VR  as well as free app platform for iOS and Android. It is designed to showcase VR content from around the world and facilitate the sharing of the content.

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For a start, GoPro has released a stunning sample of some footage for the VR platform and are currently available on YouTube. The preview footage is fully interactive and it allows you to pan around in all directions.

Even though, VR platform is filled with rich VR content, Samsung’s Milk VR has failed to make interest amongst the VR enthusiast niche. But GoPro’s mainstream footprint and videos on outdoor activities from surfing to skateboarding could be a good content for a start. This could turn out to be a truly robust VR content sharing platform.

Late last year, GoPro unveiled its highest end VR device, the GoPro Odyssey carrying a price tag of US$ 15, 000 (AU$ 19401). It consists of a 16-camera circular array.