The Goolawah Beach has been in the news after a wave accident that led to several people suffering from injuries. The victims were not really physically hurt but the sudden shock might have disturbed them psychologically.

As of writing, the accident seems to have affected 14 lives. The people involved were swept off the rocks due to the mishap. Among them, 10 have been hospitalized while the other four were being treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Seeing the severe effect of the Goolawah beach incident, a rescue operation has been launched on Wednesday. The Westpac Rescue launched a helicopter search to find a person reportedly stuck on a plateau. The victim was, however, recovered by paramedics. The person was rushed to hospital in an ambulance.

Goolawah Beach Wave Accident – Injury Details

The NSW Ambulance Service was called as soon as the report of the Goolawah beach wave was received. It told the Huffington Post that the ambulance officers were treating nine patients for cuts, abrasions, and broken collarbone at Kempsey district hospital.

The group was composed of 12 children and 2 adults. Everyone suffered non-life threatening injuries as the intense wave swept them into the ocean at the beach. A spokesman from NSW Ambulance service confirmed two major cases where one of the victims had his arm fractured after the Goolawah incident while another victim suffered a cut to the head.

The spokesperson also mentioned that the beach was located in the Goolawah National Park. This made it hard for them to reach the spot. There is no detail of the age and gender of those who have been injured because of the Goolawah beach wave accident.

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