Google’s push in virtual reality has proven to be surmountable as compared to the competition. Promising to bring that ultra immersive experience without the skyrocketing costs, the search engine giant has been bullish to bring the trend to mainstream. Now, Mountain View may be looking to building its very first true VR headset if the latest leak holds true.

According to Financial Times, Google’s virtual reality headset is “effectively a more open” competitor against Samsung’s Gear VR headset. The operation appears to be similar – users slide in their smartphone into a plastic housing that features a set of movement sensors.

Furthermore, the report suggests that the new plastic casing will be compatible with a wider range of smartphones as compared to what Samsung’s Gear VR headset currently supports. Reports say it will feature “better sensors” as well as “lenses.” The report also notes that smartphones will be the ones handling the “most of its processing power.”

The sources also claim that Mountain View is integrating virtual reality into the Android operating system, instead of relying on apps like how the company’s Cardboard does its job. This way, not only will it make support easier, it can also eliminate lags that cause motion sickness during the experience.

The Verge suggests that Google’s new hardware could also come alongside the search engine giant’s Android VR OS, which may be the company’s way of bringing virtual reality compatibility straight to Android as well as allowing developers to write apps for virtual reality without too much difficulties.

There are still no confirmations nor official statements from Google at the time of writing, and it’s still unclear if the hardware even exists. However, should the search engine giant pick a time to launch the headset, or even give the people at least a glimpse of it, Google I/O in May seems to be the logical time and place.