What is life? What is the meaning of life? Why are people so contrasting in their emotions and physical attributes? How have we become what we have become? What is women empowerment? Why are there so many borders, and boundaries dividing us? What is the importance of different religions?

Certain events and questions in 2015 may have the above questions lingering on one’s mind. When you are going through those philosophical phases, when you are hanging out with friends, you tend to debate on some of these questions sometimes. You think aloud about all the whys behind borders and boundaries that divide countries, yet you are all mortals and live on the same planet. Various countries speak the same language, they have similar cultures, still, yet they do not consider each other as the same or even related.

There are the divisions of genders. One thinks they are superior, while the other is fighting to prove themselves to be equal. Even when women are voicing their rights, despite getting all the respects and positive supports from fellow humans, they are still considered the weaker sex. This has been going on for centuries. And this will still go on.

When you see celebrities coming out of the closet and declaring themselves as transgender, you are shocked. You are more shocked to hear the most powerful president, Barack Obama, legalising same-sex marriage.

That brings in another topic of contention — religion. As far as the Abrahamic religious go, same-sex relationship is strictly forbidden. Yet, people change, they fall in love, this time, not with the opposite sex. You know they can do nothing about it, yet you decide to articulate against it because of what your religion wants you to believe.

You, once again, argue. Then you realise how different people perceive different religion, or one sect of religion, because of some extremists who don’t even make 0.2% of the population. Yet, you fear them. You fear how the world is coming to an end with all these hostilities and destruction. Then you hear about a planet creating possibilities of human survival. This, my friends, are what have been going on last year.

2015 has seen a lot of moments, asked a lot of questions, received a lot of answers that are very important in moving forward in a century that is considered to be very advanced. We have discovered water on Mars, we are discovering planets, and we are on the verge of uncovering whether there are extra terrestrials residing anywhere in this vast universe.

In 2015, we have come across a threshold in life that pulls out the humanity in some of us. We cry when Cecil the lion was murdered, and we cry for those thousands of innocent lives that are brutally taken away in the name of God. We cry because we see no dead ends to the tunnels. Yet, we rejoice when our favourite team or player wins. We laugh at comedy films, we lost ourselves in the theatres, we celebrate our special days.

We love, we laugh, we cry, we pull together and we move forward. This is life. This is the meaning of life. Here is a video that will summarise the entire 2015 in 2 minutes and 1 second. Thank you, Google. We will search on.