Google has announced that it will soon add live TV listings to its search engine. This means users can easily find out when their favourite shows or movies will be aired. Its app and websites will also show the show’s latest episode.

Last year, the company upgraded its search engine to which the new feature is now added. Shows and movies can be watched on various mobile apps from distributors, Google Play, iTunes, and networks, notes Google Blog.

 Google notes that these “video actions” has been inconsistent to date. For example, when you search for a show like “Big Bang Theory,” it doesn’t take you to the right options. Rather, users are compelled to tap over to the episode list, and on clicking on an arrow beside an item, it shows you the show.

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However, the internet company still points towards the buying options on YouTube and Google Play. A note is a display on the bottom that shows that the show is “also available on Vudu, iTunes, and Amazon Video.” (And Vudu is the only one linked!).

Although the shows are already available on CBS’s app and streaming service, the search option does not show list at all.

Similarly, on searching for a show from ABC, like “Scandal,” Google’s search results give Hulu, YouTube, Vudu, and Google Play options but when you view a given episode., the results show an Amazon video but not linked, while iTunes which also shows “Scandal” is strangely not listed or linked, as per Tech Crunch.

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Surprisingly, the search listing does not list other popular streaming services, ranging from big names like Netflix down to niche streaming options. This problem has forced the firm to find new places to stream or buy a show. It is not clear yet as to what change the new feature called “live TV” will bring when the updates are rolled out.