Over the years since it launched, Google Play has seen a fair share of design changes to keep it fresh for users. However, starting today, the suite of apps will be getting an overhaul to give it a more consistent design.

Google took it to the Android official blog and posted about the new look of Google Play suite of apps. “Whether you like watching ‘Despicable Me’ on Google Play Movies & TV, streaming ‘Sorry’ on Play Music, battling your friend in Clash Royale on Play Games or reading John Grisham’s latest on Play Books, Google Play is your home for the best apps, games, and digital entertainment,” the blog post reads.

According to 9to5Google, the new colors that will arrive in the suite of apps have bright colors that match the design of the Google I/O teaser page this year. Furthermore, the new icons for the Google Play suite of apps will now have that consistent triangle background that seems to stem from the original logo.

Currently, all of Google‘s suite of apps namely Play Books, Play Movies & TV, Play Games, Play Newsstands, and Play Music feature the signature minimalistic look done in Google’s Material Design fashion. Put it on top of the Google Play icon that matches the same color scheme and that’s the basic idea about the new design. The Google Play Store will still retain its design, though. The Play Music app will be the only one to change, however. Instead of a pair of headphones, it will soon be a round vinyl with a musical note.

With Google keeping the triangular Play icon behind each new icon, the search engine giant wants “to provide a consistent look across the entire family of Play apps.”

The company will start rolling out the new icons across Android devices and online interfaces in the coming weeks.