Mobile phones are prone to a broad range of glitches. Thankfully, tech giants are always looking for ways to protect users and their phones. Google, in particular, releases security updates for its Nexus range of devices monthly. But what makes the Google Nexus update this May different?

What glitches does this update? According to NDTV, the update will patch up more than 20 vulnerabilities. Six of these have earlier been flagged as “critical.” Meanwhile, six other glitches were classified as “moderate” and 12 were classified as “high” threats.

Prior to the update, users were not safe from certain glitches particularly those attacks that can “cause memory corruption.” Attackers used to be able to “enable remote code execution” on affected devices, but not anymore. Some of these glitches have even led to “permanent device compromise.” But, according to NDTV, the May update have already removed these threats. There is no point for Google Nexus users to worry about attacks like these.

The security bulletin’s name is also different this month. Google has renamed the Nexus Security Bulletin to the Android Security Bulletin. “These bulletins encompass a broader range of [glitches that] may affect Android devices even if they do not affect Nexus devices,” Google explained.

Meanwhile, rumours suggest that the Nexus 9 is about to retire. According to Ecumenical News, Google seems to be prepping to launch a new tablet to replace the Nexus 9. This new tablet is rumoured to be the Nexus 7. However, this has yet to be confirmed.

The news site did point out that the last tablet is “the worst” in the Nexus lineup. So, Google might just be getting rid of a product that seems to not work as planned. This does not necessarily mean they will launch a new one. Google will also release new Nexus factory images on their site.