There is an ongoing rumor that Google Nexus 2016 will be the last model as Google opts out Android phones. But before you panic here is the brief explanation.

Sources claimed that Google will remove the Nexus brand and instead introduce a new line of phone models. The company has been planning to establish their own brand which will put their name in the limelight. Thus far, the sudden change.

Notably, news about Google Nexus 2016 is telling the public that it will release two models- the Marlin and the Sailfish. However, those who are looking forward to the variant may expect that it might not carry the Nexus tag.

Meanwhile, according to Android Central, Google will also opt out Vanilla Android. But the good news it, there will be much better changes as the report stated.

The website believes that the company will be able to provide a better Android experience to its patrons. There are rumors that the new line-up of devices could carry a more up-to-date version of Android 7.0 Nougat.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai stated that the firm needs to push the idea.”You’ll see us hopefully add more features on top of Android on Nexus phones, there’s a lot of software innovation to be had.”

The executive also made it clear that they will not create a phone from scratch. “Our plan is still to work with OEMs to make phones,” The Verge quoted.

This might sound like a good news for the expecting public, especially those who already anticipating the arrival of the models. However, they still need to clarify the new product name and its details.

On the other hand, here is what we know about the Marlin and Sailfish models. As per a previous report, the release date might be after the Android Nougat update.

Moreover, the mobiles’ design might be made out of a plastic and metal mixture. The Marlin will bear the metal design while the Sailfish will sport the plastic.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding the Google Nexus 2016 phones.