While details are still sparse for the upcoming Google Nexus 2016, the search engine giant is still expected to release handsets that feature the Vanilla Android experience. The majority of the Android user base are now at the edge of their seats, waiting in anticipation for the successors of the company’s Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, and it looks like it will be HTC’s name slapped onto both of the handsets. That is, if the recent reports hold true.

Based on new reports, there is now evidence that the search engine giant has partnered with HTC to bring forth Google Nexus 2016 devices. The Taiwan-based company’s HTC 10 has proven to be one of the smartphones this year, and it has been a testament to what the company is capable of.

Furthermore, Evan Blass found out from his sources at the company that there are two upcoming devices that will be be powered by Android N, both codenamed the M1 and the S1. Moreover, a source told Android Police that the two new devices carry the name “Sailfish” and “Marlin,” which would also match the initials from Blass’ information.

There are also new reports suggesting that HTC may have signed a three-year contract with the search engine giant as an exclusive deal starting with the Google Nexus 2016.

HTC is primarily known as the progenitor of the Nexus race, all thanks to the Taiwanese handset manufacturer’s Nexus One. Over the course of its presence in the mobile industry, the company had shifted its focus to its own family of devices, with the likes of LG to fill out the lineup gap. But now, it seems like Google is once again employing HTC’s services to make not one, but two smartphones.

Google last year released the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P alongside Android Marshmallow, so there could be a possibility for the company to do the same this year.