Google’s suite of office apps have been widely available for mobile devices, but it has clearly lacked a commenting feature that made collaboration and editing a lot easier than it should be. However, Mountain View has announced that it is adding the feature to the productivity suite.

Google, through the official Google for Work blog, has announced that it is adding the same rich commenting experience that users have been enjoying in the desktop counterpart of its office suite to the mobile platform to help them be more productive wherever they are.

That means Google Docs, Sheets and Slides on both the Android and iOS platform will now get more collaborative and intuitive for its already massive user base. Furthermore, users can now quickly add a teammate to the conversation by simply typing in their names in a comment.

From here on out, users will now notice the new commenting experience is easier as it instantly allows users to insert a comment just by typing texts using the comment bubble that appears on the right side of the workspace.

The search engine giant has been heavily invested in its mobility platform, especially now that the lion’s share of the mobile market belongs to its ubiquitous Android operating system. The company is continuing its progress by adding more into its mobile productivity suite, and the Research feature in the Docs app and its fullscreen capabilities are just the start of it.

It may be difficult to work on mobile devices if you’re planning to use them as your daily productivity driver, but there’s always the adage “the best tool is what you currently have” to make you reconsider the stuff in your pockets. And since you practically have your smartphone within reach and your laptop isn’t, Google has now made it easier for you to work on documents and such whenever you’re on the move or you’re just too lazy getting up.