The Pegman on Google Maps transformed right in time to surprise many during the April Fool’s Day. With it being April 1, internet will have its own take on the day with fake stories doing the rounds and like every year Google had a different trick up its sleeve.

When you drop the Pegman on Google Maps, the usually grey figure for the day has been given a “natty beard, low-fro and purple ’70s suit,” as noted by CNET. Google has gone a step further and their Twitter account is named “Groovy Maps.” Take a look at the few tweets below shared by Google: “Online. Offline. #FunkyTown is always fly. Just bring your groovy moves.”

Another one, suggesting “A pit stop in #FunkyTown? Sounds far out, man.”

Upon selecting “Funky Town” from the search bar on the app, amongst the options provided, you could then see the Pegman do the hustle.  As shared by Phandroid, “It’s innocent, lighthearted, and a fun little surprise for anyone that comes across it.”

As shared by CNET, it was two years back that Google pulled all stops and turned Google Maps in a Pokemon game. As noted, “Those people who persevered and located all 151 original Pokemon were rewarded with Pokemon Master business cards.” Sure by that standards, many may be expecting quite something more. But the Pegman move, is also a pleasant surprise.

And such quirky moves are sure to bring a smile on anyone’s face. Google Maps, recently also gave fans the opportunity to virtually visit the Batcave. As a promotion for the “Batman V Superman,” Warner Bros. tied up with Google to give fans a glimpse into the Batcave. Fans get a good view of  Dark Knight’s lab equipment, weapons as well as tools, and of course a neat look of the Batmobile!