Not everyone gets the chance to travel around the world and marvel at the sights the tourist hotspots have to offer. Movies, books, and other forms of literature are sometimes the only ways to discover what such places hold. Thankfully, Google Maps now features a virtual safari so you can take a trip to Africa and stroll through the park while you check out the wilderness.

It isn’t South Africa if it doesn’t come with the vast and unique groups of wildlife. Once you visit the Kruger National Park using Google Maps, you’ll be able to check out the most beautiful creatures just like you’re in the park itself. Marvel at the rhinos, see elephants, and catch a glimpse of buffalo herds in the wilderness using Google Maps. What’s more, the tour even travels to the breathtaking summit of the Table Mountain where you can see Cape Town and view the beauty of Africa.

The search engine giant also didn’t seem to pull out all the stops for its Google experience. Google Maps will allow its users to travel to the South African coast at Sandy Bay, Clifton Beach, as well as Sunset Beach. It that still doesn’t sound enough, users can even walk down the Durban Golden Mile virtually.

With South African Street View tour for Google Maps, the search engine giant wishes that it can inspire people to appreciate the country even more. The company also invites its users to enjoy what the Rainbow Nation has to offer.

Google has been hard at work to deliver on its Mapping service and allow its users to explore unique places at the vicinity of their homes or as long as you have an internet connection. The search engine giant launched last month the “explore around you” option in five more locations to help its users find more locations to dine and chill.