Google Home, the Mountain View company’s new offering sure isn’t failing to create headlines, whether it be for its design or the features it has to offer. Google Home is a small compact offering that is available in different colours to choose from. Naturally so, comparisons with the current favourite Amazon Echo are bound to happen.

The neat little speaker will also be capable of working along with a “smaller set of home automation devices,” as noted by TheVerge. Further, “Home devices will incorporate new Google virtual assistant,” as noted by ABC News. Reportedly, Chief Executive Mr Sundar Pichai shared on the day of the launch, “Our ability to do conversational understanding is far ahead of what other virtual assistants can do.” He added, “We are an order of magnitude ahead of everyone else.”

Vice President of Product Management Mario Queiroz said, “When I walk into my house, I should be able to interact with Google assistant hands-free, using voice, without taking out my phone.” He added, “Google Home will become more and more a control centre for your whole home.” He further went on to share, “It’s like having a voice-controlled remote control to the real world whenever you need it,” he said.

The home devices include, “machine learning, online search, voice recognition” amongst other features and also enable receiving answers to questions as well as managing tasks. Furthermore, it also includes controlling devices by easily speaking out what is required.

However as noted by TheVerge, the fact that Google has not yet opened up the floor for “developer API for its assistant” could potentially be impacting its compatibility as well as extensibility with the other devices or the services.

Commenting on the AI Capabilities, Mr Pachai said, “It is really exciting to see Google assistant come to life with Google Home.”

Queiroz also revealed that the offering will be hitting markets later in this year.