Google is developing an Android Wear app for iOS, which the iPhone can also be used in combination with an Android Wear smart watch.
Reported that at least the French website 01net. Android Wear is currently only compatible with Android smartphones.

According to anonymous sources, the Google iOS app during the developer conference Google I / O, which takes place on 28 and 29 May, presenting. The app can then be installed on iPhones, and the software will connect to the Android Wear device.

Also on Android smartphones, it is necessary to install the app before connecting to an Android Wear smart watch. The app allows the user to manage different settings like the notifications they want to receive on his smart watch.

Apple Watch

Rather let a developer already see that it was possible to connect an iPhone to an Android Wear smart watch. However, this technology worked only partially.

The development of the iOS app by Google seems a reaction to the upcoming release of the Apple Watch. On March 9, Apple will share more information about its smart watch, which may include the release date in Europe and the prices of the more expensive models.