The Google I/O conference has seen a plethora of things. The company introduced new tools for app developers, which will allow them to build applications and modify these according to a user’s current situation.

For instances, the application would display an energetic playlist while you start jogging provided you plug-in your headphones. The intelligent app would change the genre according to the user’s context.

Google is planning to release a new “Awareness API”, which will be available shortly after its I/O conference ends.

This API gathers the user’s data and combines a variety of functions that are previously available through other APIs. The app has the ability to have access to the user’s location or recognize his or her activities. For instance, if the user is driving, the app senses nearby locations and beacons. The app can even tap into data from devices like Android Wear Smartwatches, Chromecast or Google’s new smart speaker and Google Home, notes Google’s official blog.

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Apart from that, Google has suggested a number of use cases and how this functionality could be implemented. For example, it can access a smart alarm clock app that would time you based on how late you stayed up the night before. It would wake you up as per your first meeting for the day.

It would have a weather application that could sense the weather when Chromecast is plugged into your bedroom TV, and it would display the day’s weather.

If you forgot to start the tracking function, the running app would do it for you. The virtual assistant would wake up Google Home and would inform the user about the calendar appointment.

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If the user likes to take a lot of nature photos outdoors, the launcher application would sense the user’s behavior and place the camera app front-and-center to make it easy for you. Moreover, when the user takes a photo, it tags it with the weather and activity, notes Tech Crunch.