A couple of months ago, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai had announced that its biggest event, Google I/O, will kick off in May 18, 2016 in Mountain View, which would make it only two months left until the show finally starts. Now, the search engine giant has announced how people can get in on the event.

Between March 8 and March 10, interested users will be able to register online and get the chance to win tickets to Google I/O. However, it’s important to note that while you may be able to successfully fill out the form and register online, you’re still not guaranteed a ticket. Google has been drawing the lottery for who gets the tickets – if you happen to get chosen, you can then get the chance to join in the event by paying the General Admission ticket that costs about $1,200 (US$900).

Apparently, Google chose the lottery system since it’s much more fair than the first come, first served mechanics for attending the event. Pichai also emphasised that the Google I/O this year will be special as it commemorates the 10th anniversary of the company’s first Googleplex developer event. Furthermore, the Shoreline Amphitheater as a venue of choice will house a much larger number of attendees of up to 22,500 people. On the other hand, the Moscone West ballroom only has 6,075 seats.

While Google I/O is focused mainly at developers, the search engine giant has used the event as the chance to unveil news and updates about its roadmap and its plans for the year. At the event, most likely to make appearances are Android “N,” the latest update to Chromebook, as well as new and coming projects from Google. If you won’t be able to join in the event and participate, Google will also livestream the major events so you won’t miss the most important parts.