The big day finally arrived, and Google had a lot to showcase. Google’s annual developer conference on Wednesday saw releases ranging from a new home virtual assistant to plans to delve deeper into virtual reality.

We will walk you through five important announcements that were made at Google I/O 2016.

Google Home

From the name itself, it is evident that the search giant will be launching a virtual assistant for your house. Google Home helps you attend to the phone when it isn’t nearby. It is a voice-activated device that is required to be placed in the home and functions as a smart controller. It can communicate with nearby connected gadgets such as smart light bulbs and Nest devices. It works similar to Amazon Echo, including the company’s Alexa virtual assistant, notes Time.

Google Assistant

Google Now has been upgraded with Google Assistant, which has the ability to understand natural languages more efficiently than the company’s previous voice search tool. Upon user’s request, the assistant would offer suggestions. For instance, if a user would like to buy movie tickets and put a request after checking what’s playing, it will be included in Google Home and messaging app Allo.

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Allo is a text messaging app merged with a virtual assistant that will be released this summer for Android and iOS. The app has the ability to make intelligent observations about the users’ conversations and suggest relevant information. For instance, if one of your friends invites you out to dinner for Italian food, the Allo app would suggest a nearby restaurant.


The search giant is planning to create a mobile platform for high-quality virtual reality experiences on Android devices. The company would be working with phone manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC and LG. They would be adding components like sensors and screens, which would make their devices more suitable for VR.

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Android N

The company has not revealed the name of its next version of Android. However, the company has already divulged what should be expected from the Android N. The search giant has also asked the public to submit titles beginning with the letter N. Traditionally, the company uses names after sweet treats such as Lollipop or Marshmallow.