With every new OS version, Google is trying to make your smartphone efficient enough and intelligent. With Android N Developer Preview, the company is planning to introduce new features which would bring about significant change when the final version will be rolled out.

The latest Android N Developer Preview has included a default dialer app, which is a small but significant change. Upon opening Google Phone app, the tab with clock icon shows numbers. This means how many missed calls you have had, and those calls are marked in bold underneath.

Surprisingly, the new update is not a part of version 3.0 for Android N; instead, it is numbered as version 2.05 and not 2.5. Note that the update is new but it’s a lower number and will replace 2.3 or 3.0 on your device, notes Android Police.

However, both version works with Android 6.0 but the version 3.0 does not work on the Nexus 6P. The latest app works fine on the Nexus devices and it is the first version of the Google Phone app, which runs on the LG G3, said a reader.

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Google has given the digital signature for the APK and upgrades would be in your existing app. The companies’ cryptographic signature assures that the file can be installed without any harm and it was not tampered with in any way. Impatient users can download the app to your device and can be installed simply by any other PK.

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For curious people here are the links you are finding:

Name of the File: com.google.android.dialer

Version: 2.05.07_rc4 (20507)

MD5: b4131e739c3542965ed32d11d7ec00df

APK Mirror

Version: 3.00.04_rc4 (30004)

MD5: d4967ea528c06662abd4d859955a52a7

APK Mirror

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