If you thought the Google Glass was a major step in the advancement of technology, then you may want to learn more about a higher-end version of it that is rumored to be in the works.

The Verge reports that Project Aura (Google’s division for wearable technology), has released a Google Glass version aimed for workplaces. According to the website, the device still shares a look of familiarity from the original Glass but it is equipped with more features.

The website lists down that the new Google Glass will feature a better built-in battery, a higher-end camera, and a faster Intel processor. The Verge also details that the new Glass will be able to support 5GHz Wi-Fi.

Meanwhile, Engadget details that the leaked photo was gathered from an FCC filing publication.

The website shares additional features of the new Google glass including its larger display prism, an improved design body, and the big difference that sets it apart from the older version: the existence of a hinge that will allow folding capacity.

In the article by The Verge, the website emphasized that Google is yet to announce a price or even a release date for the new device. More importantly, the company has not even confirmed its existence. However, the website does not dismiss reports that suggest hundreds of units of the Google Glass have been given to Glass for Work partners of the company.

While The Verge discusses that it remains unclear whether Google will release a consumer version of the device at all, Engadget interprets from the FCC listing that the company may unveil the device very soon. However, it shares the idea with The Verge that a consumer version may still be a long way in the future.

For now, it remains to be seen whether this higher-end version of the Google Glass will make it to the market.

It is up to Google to make an official announcement.