Google Fiber Phone is the new evolution in the landlines that is about to be rolled out, including a $10 worth of subscription service per month. The service also provides unlimited national and local calls, including the power of the cloud.

Voicemail on Google Fiber Phone can be transcribed automatically and sent to email, according to Tech. Unlimited domestic and international calls will get Google Voice’s rates, and the user will also access a phone number which can be set up to alert all the user’s phones, both mobile and landline.

The Google Fiber Phone service will come with a small black box to sit beside the home phone, along with phone jacks and Ethernet, which can be used with the majority of handsets, except for the old rotary phones, according to Gadgets.

This new Fiber Phone helps the users to add some functionality of cloud to their home phones. However, it was not explained why the consumers would consider Fiber Phone over the Google Voice.  While both services share a lot of similar features, Fiber Phone has a subscription rate and needs an at-home installation which Google Voice does not require. With that in mind, Google Voice could be regarded as a better service.

Fiber Phone may attract those who buy their television and Internet from Google Fiber, however, their landline phones are still tied to another provider like Verizon. By signing up for a Fiber Phone will let these consumers to remove a bill and integrate their  services into a triple or double-play deal with the Google Fiber.

Google Fiber Phone appears to be more than just a simple landline option. For the consumers to make the most of this service, it looks like they should be prepared for a landline service subscription with another provider and they must be willing to have a landline service.