Google I/O event saw many revelations, one of them was Daydream. It was announced with a fair share of hyperbole and hubris.

According to the company’s senior product manager, Brahim Elbouchikhi, in a couple of years, Daydream will be enabled in hundreds of millions of phones. Android phones have reached every nook and corner of the world and the new platform would follow the same pace, notes Road Tovr.

However, what developers and users will be doing with them is an entirely different thing.

Now Daydream is facing a lot of challenges than just another tech provider striving to get hold of market share where the VR is very much infancy. The available technology is still way behind where it needs to be in order to provide the immersive experience users deserve.

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Google may have developed the platform but it’s still not clear how the killer will work and no guarantee that developers will come.

First of all, the company is required to create awareness of Virtual Reality among consumers and it is not easy. Consumers who had experienced the Google Cardboard would have had some idea or concept about the VR.

It is possible that these consumers would think that this is what true virtual reality is, but in reality, the developed version of the device has head-tracking functionality. So right kind of awareness is essential, notes Venture Beat.

It would not be less to say that game developers are offering the best VR experience. It provides the fully immersive real-world experience.

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Digital has turned out to be like a race and since Facebook bought Oculus Rift, so Google got into this platform to stay in the competition and to keep its shareholders happy. Considering the comprehensive suite of VR games and environments on the Android platform, it would be interesting to see how it unfolds.