Google has created a ranking system for Android OEMs to become aware of how up-to-date their devices are in terms of security patches and OS versions.

Although Google is already sharing those lists with the relevant parties, an escalating step needs to be considered before making those lists public.

The ranking system would be an embarrassment for those particular Android  manufacturers which are terrible at updating devices on-time, after they are sold. The ranking system has been designed applying the most recent security patches as well, reports Bloomberg.

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Right from the beginning (2007), sluggish or non-existent software updates have been a perennial problem for Android. This led to a recurrent customer-dissatisfaction issue, and the manufactures have been stung by the vocal criticism of irate users who might have looked for longer or reliable support for their devices.

While some manufacturers have made an effort to improve in the recent years, operators’ involvement has often delayed vital updates for months.

Things seemed to be improving in a number of functional ways in recent times. Google has separated a lot of core Android elements from the OS itself, letting updates to be delivered via the Play Store and sidestepping the usually frigid carrier authentication procedures.

The Verge reports the burgeoning demand for the advanced devices has helped Android mature faster. Such development has shrunken the differences between versions.

The latest one is no longer as important as it used to be. Google has been able to convince Verizon (a large wireless carrier in the United States) and other carriers to “shave a few weeks off” their update testing techniques.

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The manufactures are also the one who delivers the Android OS as well, so now the improvement has left solely in their hands.  In such scenario, Google’s new Ranking System holds a convincing ground and the customers can be hopeful that it will bring some positive changes in the Android circle.

Otherwise Google might have to get in a cut-throat competition with Apple, that  has excelled in both area- device and software.

Think about a time when an Android customer would be able to reject a device pointing to Google’s list. This may be a setback for the manufactures and they will be forced to stay updated.

However, in the bargain, Google Ranking System can act as a revolutionary change in the digital world.