The Good Wife finale is a culmination of the show’s 156-episode run. At the same time, it brings viewers back to the very element that revved the story in motion—Alicia standing by Peter’s side as they take another hit from a scandal.

A flashback to The Good Wife pilot in 2009 saw Peter admitting to sleeping with a prostitute. Alicia, believing her marriage is worth saving, tidies up Peter’s mess, Vox reports. She joins Peter in a press conference where she holds hands in front of a journalist to show a strong united front. At the end of the press conference, Alicia unravels her true vulnerability. She slaps Peter; she wants to hurt him for hurting her. But she doesn’t.

Fast forward to The Good Wife finale and Alicia and Peter find themselves again in a similar situation. Peter faces another scandal after he is accused of helping one of his donors’ sons receive a not-guilty verdict for murder charges. Alicia and Peter once again hold hands in a press conference where Peter announces he will resign his governorship.

There are many reasons to believe that The Good Wife is not purely a work of fiction—that Alicia is somehow the embodiment of the “good wives” of erring politicians.

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Perhaps Alicia is more closely related to Hillary Clinton, CNN reports. They have the same story: two smart women who set aside their own aspirations to support their husbands. Their relationships were also mired in scandal and controversy, but they stood by their men. They also relished the downfall of their husbands in the sense that it brought in an opportunity for women to rise above their circumstance and be the bigger person.

But just as The Good Wife is a dramatic representation of real-life political wives, it also seems to take cues from the political husbands. Both Peter and Bill were caught up in scandals with other women.

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The difference between the Clintons and the Florricks is how their misfortunes have changed them. By the end of The Good Wife finale, Peter was still the same a-hole who wants Alicia to remain where she is—by his side, and not overshadowing him. However, things took a positive turn for the Clintons. Bill has learned not to make the same mistake. He now allows Hillary to take the lead and take the political spotlight. Bill is now the good husband standing by his wife.