Today when we hear Jon Snow, we often think of Kit Harington from Game of Thrones. Fair Enough! But before he ruled the television, Jon Snow, a TIL journalist who is a TV presenter at Channel 4 News, had already become famous.

In 1989, he joined Channel 4 News. Since then he is the frontman of the organisation. During the span of his career, he earned several awards for his excellence in reporting the world affairs. He received Richard Dimbleby Bafta award for Best Factual Contribution to Television (2005), Royal Television Society awards for Journalist of the Year (2006) and Presenter of the Year (2009), according to Channel 4 News.

In 2014, Snow met Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow (Harington). It was a moment that all were waiting for.

Snow looks very intellectual as he reports on the TV channel, but he is a man with most astonishing past and present. Check out the 5 cool facts about TIL Journalist who ruled before Kit Harrington:

  1. He thinks of sex every time he meets a woman.

Yes, that’s what goes in his mind when he is not reporting. In 2014, Daily Mail reported him saying that “being a man is all about woman”.

‘Sex comes into every evaluation of a woman, there’s no doubt about it. It’s there,’ he said.

2. Married a woman who was 27 years his junior. 

In 2010, Snow married a Zimbabwe-born Precious Lunga, 35, who is an epidemiologist with the Medical Research Council. He has never been married before, according to The Sun.

Before that, he had been with Madeleine Colvin, a human rights lawyer. He has two daughters Leila, 27, and Freya, 24.

3. He wanted to kill President Idi Amin in his jet. 

Well, that was not expected. In 2015, while reporting in Uganda, Snow was travelling with President Idi Amin in his jet. When Amin was asleep, Snow literally thought of taking out his revolver and shoot him dead. But he was afraid of the consequences as he could not able to run out of the jet. It was flying!

4. He declined an OBE( Order of British Empire), Calls it outdated. 

That’s rude! He said British honour system is outdated and there should be a better way of congratulating achievers than giving out OBEs, MBEs or CBEs.He was worried about it.

5. Calls British politics “depressing”.

When asked about joining politics after quitting broadcasting, he said: “ It’s quite a depressing scene right now and I’d prefer to die to broadcast,” according to Huffingtonpost.