US President Barack Obama, one of the most powerful men on this planet, loves basketball. The NBA champions, Golden State Warriors, along with Andrew Bogut  will visit the president on Friday AEDT, as per the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Meeting the President is a tradition given to the winning teams of America’s top sporting leagues, writes the source. All the odds are in favor of the Golden State Warriors lifting the championship for the second time in a row. As per the Vegainsider, the Warriors have 7/5 odds to win the 2015/16 NBA finals while the Cleveland Warriors stand just second in the Odds-list with 5/2.

Interestingly, San Antonio Spurs have 3/1 odds to win the championship this year given their consistent run this season. Standing behind them are Oklahoma City Thunder and Los Angeles Clippers at fourth and fifth place respectively.

The Warriors had a historic start this season. They continue to impress as Steph Curry leads the charge for the Warriors. They have already taken their record to 44-4, which is an exceptional feat. They will be chasing the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls record of 72-10. With their current form they look to topple any team standing in their way.

As per the tradition President Barack Obama will honour the Warriors in the Nation’s capital.

The Golden State Warriors head coach “Steve Kerr has been to the White House after two championship wins with the Chicago Bulls and one with the Spurs, with Bill Clinton as president each time,” quotes the Sydney Morning Hearld.

Kerr was quoted as saying “I told president Clinton the third time, ‘We have to stop meeting like this’.”

The source also wanted to gather bite from Kerr on the dishonoured tradition of stealing some souvenirs during the White House visits. But Kerr remained tightlipped.

“Statute of limitations hasn’t run out yet,” Kerr said.”I can still be prosecuted.”