The Golden State Warriors bounced back from the losing slump and showed Oklahoma City Thunder why Dub Nation should be feared in the courts. While many were rooting for the reformed Rip City, it seems old habits crept up, making them lose Game 6. Here are the five reasons why Oklahoma City Thunder lost.

Endgame Slump

OKC’s shooting stamina was tested and failed on their sixth game against the Golden State Warriors. Though OKC was leading before the 4th quarter approached with 83-75, they totally lost their groove and grip on the ball in the last few important minutes of the last quarter, NBA notes.

Defense Died

OKC scrambled to prevent Curry and Thompson from releasing three-pointers. Fastbreak called it bluntly “subpar defense.” Moreover, OKC forgot to get their grip on the Warriors’ perimeter shooters.

Shots Misfired

Even Rip City’s top shooters Durant and Westbrook missed a lot of shots. NBA notes that out of 31 potential shots, Durant only delivered 10 of them while Westbrook wasted 17 shot opportunities out of 27. With slick hands, Westbrook missed important shots and gaveCurry a chance to make a fast break for a layup.

Freezing Offense

Old habits die hard. That’s what OKC showed in the last minutes of Game 6. Prone to falling apart at the last few minutes of game, OKC let the old feeling creep in.

OKC got comfortable after making a lead in the scoreboard. As the last quarter began, it seemed OKC fell asleep in the court, failing to make important shots and keeping the lead they worked so hard to maintain in the previous quarters. By the end of it, the Warriors scored 18 points, which let them claim Game 6.

Goliaths in Slo-Mo

Height can definitely be a huge advantage in the game of basketball. However, height does not equate to might and speed. OKC’s giants must not only be able to lord it under the ring. They must also be able to zip as fast as darts and shoot as quick as lightning, similar to the Warriors’ Curry .

Ball Control

There’s no use having many possessions if the other team makes the right amount of steals before one could take the ball into the ring. With six turnovers and the last three committed in the last 55 seconds of the game, OKC just let the whole game 6 down the drain.

After a disappointing Game 6, Oklahoma City Thunder will have to battle it out in the Golden State Warriors’ home court, Oakland. Game 7 is scheduled for Monday, May 30, 9:00PM ET (Tuesday, May 31, 2:00PM NSW).