Golden State Warriors Game 5 may have no Draymond Green in it against Cleveland Cavaliers. After Golden State Warriors’ 108-97 win against Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 4, Draymond Green might find himself in hot water and suspension for “below the belt” remarks against LeBron James.

Another Groin Thing

The incident happened when Draymond Green landed on his back on the court with James near him. As Green tried to get up, LeBron tried to cross over Green. That’s when Green made contact with James’ groin.

“I don’t know what should happen. It’s not my call. That’s the league office. They’ll take a look at it,” LeBron James commented to Fox Sports after his altercation with Green.

However, pressed on later for further comment, James gave a negative when asked whether any Golden State Warriors Game 5 suspension is in sight for Green’s violation.

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It’s not the first time Draymond Green has been in danger of being suspended due to groin incidents. Green already have two flagrant fouls against Steven Adams for kicks to the groin that had the big man of OKC crumpling on the court. Though blasted with flagrant fouls, Green was in luck as his last flagrant foul was only accelerated to flagrant no. 2 combined with a $25,000 fine.


Draymond Green: “Move On.”

“We had our words. I said what I had to say and he said what he had to say. Move on,” Green reiterated.

“I’m not going to sit there and argue with him. I know what position I’m in, in terms of double techs and stuff. Just move on from it.”

However, it seems Green might just not move on but move on entirely as he might face a suspension if the league finds his move violating NBA’s rules.

Golden State Warriors Game 5 Suspension?

As the altercation goes on review, Draymond Green will have to sit tight until a few minutes before Golden State Warriors Game 5. With no deadline for the review committee’s results, Green has no other option but to wait and hope for the best.

If he gets another Flagrant Foul, he will have to see Golden State Warriors Game 5 from the bench, Cleveland notes.