Golden State Warriors is on their way to Game 2 defending their NBA title. Though Dub Nation has found strength not just in numbers but in three-pointers, they still need 3 more wins against Cleveland Cavaliers to bring home a second NBA title.

The Cleveland Cavaliers edged out Golden State Warriors in terms of scoring from the 3-points area, but Dub Nation owned the shooting range in the paint.

And even though the Cavaliers reigned over the 3-point marker, Dub Nation’s shotmaker Klay Thompson still bested Cavalier’s J.R. Smith in gunning for the 3-point shots.

But make no mistake, it’s actually Dub Nation’s Shaun Livingston who led the Warriors in Game 1 against the Cavaliers with a career high score of 20 points, NBA reports. Game 1 ended fantastically for the Dub Nation as they truly found strength in their numbers with a 104-89 win.

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Meanwhile, Cleveland Cavaliers need not lose hope. With 6 more games to play or 4 if they manage to pull off a 4-straight wins, LeBron James and his team may finally snatch the title away from Curry and the Dub Nation.

While LeBron James continue to produce results from the rim, he can rely on J.R. Smith to make it for him in the three-points area. There’s also huge scores waiting for the team through assists basing from their Game 1 output.

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Golden State Warriors Game 2 will have them gain home court advantage again before the game goes to Cleveland.

Will the Cleveland Cavaliers come on strong or will Golden State Warriors continue to reign in Game 2?

NBA Finals Game 2: Where To Watch

Who: Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers

When: 8:00PM ET, Sunday, 5 June (10:00AM NSW, Monday, 6 June)

Where: Oracle Arena, Oakland, California

Where to Watch: Foxtel

Live stream: NBA

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