James Ross-Munro became a hero after he posted a video on social media on Saturday that showed how he stopped two men from robbing a fast food joint at a service station. The mother of the Gold Coast man said on Monday that she is “proud as a punch” of her son.

Ross-Munro, 25, said that he and his friend, Kane Wiblen, spotted the robbers at around 1 am on Saturday at the takeaway shop Oporto along the Gold Coast highway. The men emerged out of a white commodore without a number plate and allegedly tried to break into the restaurant. Ross-Munro tried to stop them by taking their car key so they could not escape.

“We’d been down at the local tavern for a ‘stubbies and singlets’ party and got dropped off by a mate up the road and thought we’d walk down to the servo to get some noodles when I tripped over a sign and busted my plugger” the Gold Coast Bulletin quoted Ross-Munro as saying. “I was pretty concerned about the blowout I had, and then looked up and saw a white Commodore pull up with two blokes with shirts across their faces and thought well that’s a bit suss so better go and check it out.”

Wiblen recorded the whole incident and the video fetched more than a million views on Facebook in just two days. The views on the video have reached past the two million mark on Monday.

Pam, Ross-Munro’s mother, told 91.7 ABC Gold Coast that she is extremely proud of her son. She added that her son is one of those persons who will stand up against wrongdoing.

“I’m proud as punch, I really am. I think it’s hysterical what he’s done,” the ABC quoted her as saying. “He’s one of those people who just sees something wrong and then will just stand up for anyone and everybody. He’s just the typical guy that gets out there.”