A motorcyclist is currently in critical condition after he collided with another motorbike and a car in the Gold Coast on Saturday morning.

The accident took place on the Old Coach Road and Days Road intersection in Upper Coomera at around 10:15 a.m.

The car, which was driven by a woman, allegedly turned into the Old Coach Road when the two motorcyles then crashed into it, according to the Brisbane Times.

The injured motorcyclist, who is believed to be in his 20s and has sustained severe injuries in the head and the neck, was immediately rushed to the Gold Coast University Hospital.

The female motorcyclist was also taken to the hospital for an evaluation but she did not suffer any injuries. The driver of the car was also not injured.

At the moment, the police are now investigating the cause of the crash. Motorists and drivers have also been advised to avoid the crash site as delays are to be expected, according to Nine News.

This latest incident adds to the list of serious motorbike and car accidents in the country. Just about three months ago, a motorbike crashed through the Sydney Harbour Bridge three months ago and caused an enormous traffic jam.

The crash, which took place before 6 in the morning, resulted in a 12-kilometer traffic jam for commuters who are trying to cross the bridge.

The lanes were eventually reopened two hours later but the motorists were still urged to not enter the lanes.

Another incident in Sydney took place two months ago where three cars crashed near Wallaroo close to the intersection of Boundary Lane on the highway. Two people were taken to the Canberra Hospital after the accident.

The crash resulted in delays in both lanes until they were reopened a few hours later. Another crash also occurred on the same day but no injuries were reported.