When Gareth Edwards (“Rogue One”) set to remake “Godzilla,” he wanted to pay homage to the original 1954 Japanese film “Gojira” by Ishirō Honda. He somewhat succeeded as the design of the 2014 Americanised “Godzilla” resembled the Kaiju from the original film. However, unlike the Toho Godzilla movies, Edwards’ monster was fully CGI. So, Toho is bringing back its old school man-in-a-suit Godzilla in this year’s “Godzilla: Resurgence” (“Shin Gojira”). The trailer brings back that old retro feel from Toho’s earlier “Godzilla” films.

The YouTube trailer for the Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi-directed movie begins with a very old looking “Toho Scope” logo. Then, we see a close-up of a Godzilla prop head giving out that iconic roar. This is followed by a shot of the monster’s huge tail swinging over Japanese homes and electric poles. Next, we are treated to a full-scale shot of Godzilla walking around a railway track and wrecking buildings.

There are no voice-overs or dialogues in the trailer, just music, although some of the Japanese actors can be seen with their lips moving. It can be assumed that Toho did not have time or money to get an English audio dubbed or to provide some English subtitles. The trailer works without dialogue, beautifully. We see that the Japanese government and military are very concerned. People are running helter-skelter on the streets at night, abandoning their cars. Godzilla has come knocking.

Numerous jets, tanks, and choppers prepare to put an end to Godzilla’s rampage but we already know what happens, having seen about 30 different Godzilla films. Godzilla is the wrathful face of Mother Nature unlike the friendlier image projected by Gareth Edwards in his 2014 remake. That movie was also distributed by Toho in Japan.

IMDB mentions that the movie was shot on 16:9 HD format, but the trailer suggests IMDB may be wrong as it has been on a few occasions. “Godzilla: Resurgence” looks shot on celluloid film and colour timed photochemically. However, it is not confirmed. The cinematography of the movie has a typical 1980s flavour, which is great. It certainly grounds the movie, which almost all digitally shot movies fail to do.

“Godzilla: Resurgence” will be released in Japan on 29 July in IMAX, MX4D and 4DX in addition to regular theatrical formats. The trailer can be seen below. A follow-up to Gareth Edwards’ “Godzilla” is also in the works.