NEOGaf user shinobi607 has again leaked news about another video game. The user spoiled  information about “God of War” 4 and news about the role of Kratos in the game. Fans’ speculations following the spoiler suggest that the game may now be following Norse Mythology.

Shinobi607’s post on NEOGaf confirmed that a fourth game for the “God of War” franchise is in the works. However, he also hinted that Kratos, the main character for previous “God of War” titles, may not be the protagonist anymore.

As mentioned in The BitBag, in “God of War” 3, Kratos was able to kill almost all the ruling Greek gods including Zeus. With its cliffhanger ending, fans expected a sequel. However, considering that arguably Aphrodite and Athena were the only remaining Greek gods, who will Kratos be up against in “God of War” 4? Fans then shifted their attention to Norse Mythology and saw possibilities.

The franchise could have ended with that cliffhanger ending from “God of War” 3, as that is also a possibility. But when shinobi607 leaked a concept art of “God of War”4 which was followed by the spoiler, the Norse Mythology theory became more convincing.

Game Rant reports that the leaked concept art has several locations that were based on Asgard. It even included the rainbow bridge and what seems like the great hall of Valhalla. Even the outfit of Kratos is very suggestive of Norse Mythology. Kratos is dressed like a viking. His weapons were different from the Blades of Athena which he usually uses in the previous games.

It is, again, another possibility that this concept art might be fake. So far, however, it is believable since the art was taken from the website of Sony Santa Monica, who was responsible for the art of the previous “God of War” titles.

No official announcement has been made about “God of War” 4. However, E3 is just around the corner and this may be one more thing on the list fans are expecting.