GoCatch driver service launches a new app to book. This five-year startup is becoming a serious competition for Uber.

With the decrease in the number of Sydney taxi services, Uber has become a great success. With faster and cheaper rates, Uber becomes Sydney’s first call for effective transportation. GoCatch with $7 million has entered the game. The new competitor has released their new ridesharing services. The inclusion of their app allows travellers to book on their phones and shortly await their transportation.

The Business Standard looks into Uber’s competitor. Ned Moorfield, CEO for GoCatch, told the site that his company was modelled after South-East Asia’s Grab. Grab achieved huge success and was used as a muse for GoCatch. With 350,000 passengers and 100,000 bookings per month, GoCatch is making a statement.

GoCatch unlike Uber, will not be using surge pricing. Moorfield also makes the promise that rates and drivers commissions will be lower. GoCatch will have a concretely defined peak and non-peak rates. The peak is understood to be weekend nights and early mornings, off-peak during the week.

GoCatch rates are considerably lower than Uber and Sydney Taxi services. According to CNET, fares will be 15-20% cheaper than peak taxi fares. Off-peak fares will be 20-30 percent cheaper than taxi off-peak fares. The driver’s commissions will also be considerably lower by 15-20 percent than Uber.

GoCatch has also maintained their drivers are far more valuable. Moorefield claims the majority of their drivers are ex-taxi drivers. Moorefield insists his company is a strong local competitor for Uber. He then makes the point that being second best in the market over the last five years was an advantage. It allowed them the opportunity to implement necessary changes and redefine the market to boost efficiency. Which would soon lead GoCatch to be the top dog in the ride-sharing industry.

Moorfield claims his company to be the local choice. With lower rates, more valuable drivers and more efficient booking services, GoCatch may just knock Uber off the road.