A California man kept his girlfriend in a dog crate for months. He beat and bit her and repeatedly smeared her face with dog poop. She was locked up for four months. He is charged with kidnapping, domestic violence and torture.

The boyfriend, 22-year-old Frank Deodulo Guerra allegedly forced the woman into a dog crate which measures 30 inches by 48 inches with the inside height of 32 inches. The victim also told the authorities that she had to relieve in a dog bowl while Guerra was out at work.

Deputy District Attorney Beth DeJong said, “Guerra bit her on the back and she’ll have permanent scarring. He locked her in a dog crate. (sometimes) he pushed her to the ground and kicked her until she’d go inside.”

The complain read that Guerra “did willfully, unlawfully, feloniously and forcibly steal, take and arrest and carry the said person to another part of Stanislaus County.”

The women, according to The Modesto Bee, managed to escape from captivity on January 4. However, she reported the crime last week. Dejong argued that Geurra asserted control on the victim both physically and mentally.

The woman told police, “He literally had it in my heart that I deserved everything. That I’m worthless, that I have nobody.”

He, allegedly, threatened her that he would post her nude photos on social media. He also sent her pictures holding firearms. However, Guerra swore that he did not have a firearm.

He left a recorded profanity-laced message which she produced as evidence. In the message he said, “I know what I f***king did to you. Putting you in a cage, f***ing biting you … Not f***ing trusting you.”

Meanwhile Guerra appeared before the court on Monday and pleaded not guilty of the offences. After the hearing he was denied bail and the court issued a protective order to keep him from contacting the victim. He was ordered not to get within 100 yards of her, reported Mail Online.

The surge in violence and sexual abuse cases against women also prompted twitter to train prosecutors in UK and Wales to fight online abuse a few days before.