“The Girlfriend Experience” TV reboot appears to be better than the original movie by Steven Soderbergh, which was released six years back. Can one expect guest appearance of Sasha Grey?

Though, on this reboot, Soderbergh is also roped in as an executive producer, the creative commands are given to two new writers Lodge Kerrigan and Amy Seimetz. Even though there are comparisons between Sasha Grey, the lead in the movie and Riley Keogh, the one essaying the role in the TV version, the latter is considered more charming, as per News.

As central courtesan, Keogh’s portrayal of call girl draws an absorbing image of a young girl, her high aims, insecurity, and outspokenness. Christine, the second-year law student is unable to manage her survival and drowning in debt, yet attempting to balance her studies along with the burdens of her internship in a corporate law firm. This is when her classmate introduces her to the world of escorts and the high-end sex demands. Initially Christine restrains, but the lure of “you can be whoever you want to be” turns out to be too hard to resist.

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However, there are also a few fans who would like to see Sasha, the adult movie star, appearing in this TV version. There is a possibility that Grey will guest star in the show. Around a couple of years back, Ibtimes reported that it might feel like a re-tread to place the former porn star in the lead of the television adaptation. She could infuse a sense of legacy and continuity in the series by appearing in a supporting role for an episode.  But in such scenario, will Keogh still overshadow Grey?

“The Girlfriend Experience” adds more proof that TV as a medium  is now taking risks and coming up with something which is absolutely different from the regular fare. Besides the world of high-end sex work which gives it exclusivity and fascinating feeling, there are also serious themes like honesty and curiosity. However, you could just as easily digest the whole show without digging too deeply into anything. But it is more satiating when you do.

Currently, “The Girlfriend Experience” is streaming on Starz. Each episode has quite a few pleasing little moments; however, they are not self-contained. Only when it starts to club together like a jigsaw, it makes a stirring story. Each episode runs for 27 minutes.