The TV reboot of “The Girlfriend Experience” is marking its presence among the viewers, with its close-to-reality approach. The recent episode 4 from the drama has revealed a new negative side of Christine Reade’s character played by Riley Keogh. Well, it might come to many as a bit of  surprise , but there is nothing fictional about it.

Selfish, money-minded, and emotionless–these are the ugly traits the show-runners are not afraid to include in the show.

In its first three episodes, “The Girlfriend Experience” has been an unbelievably striking, extraordinarily unpolluted show, presenting the rosy sides of the story. Through the Episode 4 titled “Crossing the Lines,” the show jumps to the next level by digging deeper into Christine’s moral dilemmas. It further allows the viewers to take a closer look at the power plays within her world.

The series which is proven to be better than the original follows the story of a high-end escort who is young , beautiful and has a lot of materialistic dreams. She is also insecure and honest at the same time.

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Episode 4 takes place after Christine goes out to lunch with another client, Ryan when his friend Bill suddenly arrives with his wife, Lynn.  Though things do not take a nasty shape until here, a sudden comment from Lynn conveys the hint of an approaching storm. She pointedly asks Ryan to convey their regards to his wife, Kathleen (Sabrina Grdevich), Vulture reveals.

Later, Christine receives a call from Kathleen who proposes a deal to her. To keep her away from Ryan, she offers $10,000, and then quickly doubles it. Christine, who remains silent all throughout the conversation then replies, “I don’t accept checks.”

When Kathleen meets with Christine, she’s hanging on to her anger, fearing that she might fall apart. Christine looks confused at best. Christine doesn’t count the money because she “trusts” all $20,000 of it is there. Then, she softens after Kathleen leaves. Does she feel guilty or it is the incredibly selfish side of her?  The scene beautifully portrays the insecurities of an older wife. Kathleen’s worry is justified whereas Christine’s inclination towards monetary gain can’t be called unreasonable.