The Girl on the Train is the movie on everyone’s minds right now. Yet everyone also wants to know if it is worth watching.

The Girl on the Train is a film adaptation of the 2015 best-selling novel by Paula Hawkins of the same title. Owing to its popularity and striking narrative, there was no doubt the novel would eventually find its way to the big screen.

The story revolves around the struggle of Rachel, played by Emily Blunt. Her character would embody the central theme and shed light on why a woman self-destructs. Rachel is divorced, unemployed and an alcoholic. Her daily train travel to New York would be a façade. It affords her the chance to catch a glimpse of her former life.

Her husband played by Justin Theroux has a new life with his wife (Rebecca Ferguson) and their baby. Yet they are not the only ones she spies on as a young couple (Luke Evans and Haley Bennett) also catches her fancy. Then again, the picture-perfect couple she watched from afar were not as they seemed. Hence, the twist in the story and her possible link to the crime when Megan goes missing.

Capturing the essence of the novel would be a tall order for any director to undertake. Thus, did Tate Taylor do so effectively? Jason Di Rosso for the Final Cut of ABC News does not seem convinced.

“This is no Gone Girl, and director Taylor is no David Fincher,” Jason Di Rosso wrote. The screenplay by Erin Cressida Wilson seemed to lack heart as well, Di Rosso added. Nevertheless, the movie is still a must-see owing to the riveting performance of its lead star. Moreover, Di Rosso noted her perfection in the role.

Watch the trailer for the Girl on The Train below.