Here is the latest update on Girl Meets World Season 4. The non-spoilers for the upcoming chapter reveal that the plot will highlight the Riley, Lucas and Maya love triangle in Season 4. Will Riley and Lucas break up? Will Maya be responsible for it?

To date, the brewing tension in this young love triangle has been a subject of interest for fans. Even though in Girl Meets World Season 3, the issue was solved with Maya conceding to Riley, fans still believe that this is not the last of the love triangle.

The Riley, Lucas and Maya love triangle first came into sight back in Season 2 of Girl Meets World. In season two episode 20, Riley finds out that Maya has feelings for Lucas after noticing the look on Maya’s face when he fell off Tombstone.

Since then, Lucas and Maya had several romantic moments all through seasons two and three. Due to the obvious chemistry, a lot of fans also accepted the “Lucaya” couple.

However, Girl Meets World Season 3 again gave a new direction to the story. It showed the Riley, Lucas and Maya love triangle coming to an end, with Maya realizing her feelings for Lucas were probably not real because she started acting like Riley.

It seems like the theory is not accepted by many Lucaya fans who highly doubt that Maya would cause Riley and Lucas to split on Girl Meets World Season 4.

Thus far, there is no official word from Disney on the issue. They have also not confirmed if the show would be renewed for Season 4. The only thing that has been highlighted hitherto are the details of the season finale. The Girl Meets World Season 3 finale episode will feature most of the original cast of Boy Meets World, the show which GMW was based on, reports E! News.

If there is a Girl Meets World Season 4, then the viewers can expect more of the newly cemented relationship between Riley and Lucas.  Whether or not Girl Meets World Season 4 decides the fate of the Riley, Lucas and Maya love triangle, only time will reveal.