The fate of Girl Meets World Season 4 is still in the dark. There is buzz that the show’s next season may not see the light of day, as chances for renewal are almost nil. Does it mean the next season is cancelled? Will the spin-off series replace season 4 as the show’s way of saying goodbye?

There’s still no official word on season 4. Season 3 production is over and its episodes are now on air.

Meanwhile, star Rowan Blanchard in an interview with She Knows said that there is no forward development on renewing the series ever since the end of season 3.

In her words, “I know as much as you do,” she says. “We are hoping for a season 4, obviously, because we want to continue our story, and I feel like it’s an important story to tell. But as of right now, we just finished [filming] season 3 and we’re still waiting on the word. ”

If one looks at the reasons, there are a few logical grounds. The series started to discover various aspects related to middle-schoolers. With the plot advanced, the demographic too continued to alter. Cory and Riley Matthews, the lead of the Girl Meets World, moved to high school.

Then came season 2. It revolved around the issues of morality, feminism, poly amorous relationship and similar serious subjects which were matured than the previous season, as the leads were in high school. The more mature content is an issue since Disney targets a younger demographic.

As per Zap2It, the show’s logical move is shifting to Freeform. According to the source, Freeform, previously ABC Family, targets the age group of 14-34. It then fits the age bracket of Girl Meets World season 4 perfectly.

Girl Meets World ranks at the Top 5 shows on cable in the Disney demographic targets of kids aged between 2-14 years. If Disney decides to release season 4, it will surely get a good number of audience. The hype and publicity surrounding the possible cancellation is testament enough that many are still rooting for the show.

Be it through Freeform or Disney, we wish Girl Meets World season 4 hits the screen instead of a cancellation.