Rumors about Boy Meets World sequel Girl Meets World are making the rounds these days. While the show is on its third season, speculations abound about the show’s future. Will there be a Girl Meets World Season 4? There are also reports that the show might move to the new network since Disney is planning to wrap it up soon.

The rumor mill started churning out Girl Meets World Season 4 cancellation news only after a statement from Disney Channel’s representative revealed that the network is currently not contemplating on the show’s future. Adding fuel to the fire, a few behind-the-scenes photos were also circulated. The image featured Rowan Blanchard, Sabrina Carpenter and the rest of the cast in tears, which made the fans believe the show is coming to an end.

On the other hand, many fans seem highly hopeful about Girl Meets World Season 4. They believe it is happening for real. It is only a matter of time until someone announces the release date, so they created an online petition for the next season in the hopes that the channel will reconsider giving it the green light. However, even a huge number of petitions do not guarantee that Disney is going to look into it. That’s why they have added a clause that clarifies the fans wanted to have a Girl Meets World Season 4 without it necessarily airing on Disney.

Their main concern here is the show, so they are least bothered about which channel it will air. Still many of them favor Freeform to broadcast Girl Meets World Season 4. According to GamenGuide, one of the major reasons for Disney putting an end to the show is that the characters are getting mature. Thus, they might not merge well with the kiddie issues of the plot.

If Freeform is swooping in to screen Girl Meets World Season 4, fans will get to see more of Riley, Lucas, Maya and Josh. In case it snubs the show, its future will be at stake. These are only speculations. Let’s all wait until Disney announces something official. For more updates, stay tuned! In the meantime, share your views in the poll below.