“Girl Meets World” season 3 has so far explored the many facets of friendship by showing Maya’s and Riley’s dynamics. One of these facets is the much-talked about love triangle between the two friends and Lucas.

As per IGN‘s recap of the show’s latest episode, the Riley/Lucas/Maya triangle was only dragged. Although the site feels that Lucas’ decision is coming soon, the absence of such game-changer in this episode felt “recycled” and “repurposed”.

True enough, “Girl Meets Triangle” ended with Lucas declaring that he has made his decision. However, IGN notes that no further revelation was made. Furthermore, the site deduces that since episode 5 ended with Riley and Maya pursuing a new adventure, it may take another episode or two to bring back the issue of the love triangle.

‘Girl Meets World’ episode 6

While it was vague at the time, a new promo for episode 6 reveals where Maya and Riley are headed.

International Business Times reports that the girls are meeting with Uncle Shawn to help Maya find herself. The promo for the next episode shows the good uncle as eager to help. He exclaims that the friends came to the right place, which may be code for “episode 6 will be one roller coaster ride!”

The promo reveals very little in terms of clues for next episode, but check it out below in case we missed anything.

Maya-Riley friendship to the test?

Meanwhile, an article from Hall of Fame Magazine deduces that Riley and Maya’s friendship will remain intact. The site maintains this thought despite the potential strain of the love triangle between the two.

This prediction is also in line with what seems to be a heartfelt interaction between Maya and Riley in the promo.

On other related news, Morning Ledger predicts that Lucas’ decision may feature on either episode 9 or 10 of “Girl Meets World”. The much-awaited moment could happen at the Ski Lodge.

Who do you think will Lucas choose between the two friends? Will his decision put a wedge between Maya and Riley’s friendship?

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