A 12-year-old girl from Rockhampton has been authorized by the Queensland Supreme Court to have an abortion after she got pregnant by a boy her own age.

The girl, who goes by the name of “Q,” has been trying to get an abortion for about a month, approaching a GP, a social worker, a psychiatrist and two specialist obstetricians until the court intervened.

The Australian reported that Judge Duncan McMeekin said that the girl had suffered from “periods of emotional distress,” ran away from home, hurt herself and tried to kill herself on two occasions.

“She has no wish to be a mother. Unsurprisingly, she feels that she is not fitted to the task,’’ McMeekin said. It was also revealed that the father of the baby had no knowledge of her pregnancy.

Abortion is legal in Queensland and permits it if it is up to 22 weeks of pregnancy. It will only be conducted if the woman’s life and health, both physically and mentally, is at risk, according to News.com.au.

“While termination of the pregnancy carries some risks, those risks are far outweighed by the alternative. It is necessary to do so in order to avoid danger to her mental and physical health.”

McMeekin then ordered the medical staff to utilize drugs or surgical procedure in case it fails in order to terminate the pregnancy. “Q” is not the only case wherein women had to take measures in having their pregnancies terminated.

A mother of two in Melbourne pleaded with the Royal Women’s hospital to have her 26-week pregnancy terminated, stating her suicidal state and problems in the household.

Abortion is a topic that is controversial not just in the country but around the world as well. In the state of Victoria, pro-life groups often hold protests outside clinics urging women not to terminate their pregnancies.

The never-ending protests resulted in the passing of a law banning protesters from abortion clinics within 150 meters, which was well-received by women’s health campaigners.