Fans are counting the days until the premiere of the Gilmore Girls reboot. However, the latest news about the series could be the icing on the cake that everyone hopes.

The announcement of the premiere date for the Gilmore Girls reboot came with a trailer that had everyone excited. The clip offered a quick glimpse of Rory and Lorelai at this point in their lives. Moreover, it gave fans a taste of what is to come on November 25, hence the heightened anticipation. However, fans might expect more surprises from the series.

Netizens freaked out at the latest teaser dropped by Netflix about the Gilmore Girls reboot. Avid fans went wild at the possible suggestion offered by the image of an apple resting on a plate of Pop-Tarts. Its significance brings to mind the pregnancy scare of Lorelai in Season 5. As it turns out, apples and Lorelai have a special connection. Apparently, she only craved for the fruit once before when she was pregnant with Rory,so fans jumped at the likely conclusion.

Then again, Lorelai’s age comes into question. Given the circumstances, she could be almost 50. Hence, it might be rational to surmise that any pregnancy on the Gilmore Girls reboot could be Rory’s, according to The Daily Telegraph. This might tie in with speculations about whom Rory ends up with.

Meanwhile, Scott Patterson who is back to play Lorelai’s love interest Luke Danes hinted at possibly more episodes to come. Last May, the actor revealed production for the reboot was nearly complete. Moreover, he boasted at the movie quality that fans could expect from the four installments lined up. Patterson likened the set to a Michael Bay production yet the charm of it all remains, he assured. When asked what happens next after the reboot, Patterson had this to say.

“There’s room for more. It didn’t end, but maybe it did. I’m thinking it’s like 50/50 on that.… People have been intimating that they would want it to continue and there’s room for it to continue,” US Weekly quoted Patterson’s response.

Pop-Tarts and an apple in the Gilmore Girls reboot.

Pop-Tart appetizers to hold us over 'till the pizza comes. And one apple.

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