Fans of the “Gilmore Girls” have more reason to rejoice as big news has arrived about its upcoming reboot on Netflix. Lorelai Gilmore herself revealed the juicy details.

Actress Lauren Graham, who plays Lorelai, made the announcements on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show”, Today reported.

Graham decided to make a surprise visit on the talk show while in the middle of shooting to talk about the reboot. Graham appeared visibly excited to tell everyone the latest news.

“I can tell you the title for the first time, it’s four 90-minute episodes and they’re winter, spring, summer, and fall, so the show is called ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’”, Graham told DeGeneres.

The four seasons could refer to singer Carole King who sings the show’s theme song “Where You Lead.”

“Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” replaces the earlier working title “Gilmore Girls: Seasons” revealed earlier.

Each of the four 90-minute episodes would depict a particular season in a year. Series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino along with executive producer Daniel Palladino wrote and directed the mini-movies, TVLine wrote.

Sherman-Palladino earlier told TVLine about her preference to show the four episodes separately. Although she has yet to discuss it with Netflix, she intended to do so as she felt their fans would enjoy it that way.

“Because the last thing you want is for someone to jump to the last episode and [ruin] it for everybody — which I think would happen, quite frankly, in this day and age of binging. So my preference would be to release them at least a day apart. Let people get a little sunlight and go for a walk around the corner,” Sherman-Palladino told the publication.

To fuel anticipation for the reboot further, Netflix shared the promo art for “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” on Twitter.

The original cast has been reunited for the “Gilmore Girls” reboot. Sadly, actor Edward Hermann who played Gilmore patriarch, Richard,  passed away in 2014.

The cast paid tribute to the late actor at the 2015 ATX Television Festival, IBT wrote then.