She might be busy fighting ghosts but Melissa McCarthy didn’t pass up the chance to talk about the Gilmore Girls.

The Ghostbusters star nearly missed the opportunity to reprise her role as Sookie on Netflix’s Gilmore Girls. When news of the reboot broke, it seemed the production had the impression that Melissa McCarthy was too busy to take part. Yet the comedienne herself revealed she was not invited to return to Stars Hollow with the rest of the original cast. The news certainly saddened her fans but more so the actress who got her start on the comedy-drama series. In spite of that, she wished the show well and promised to watch every new episode.

Thankfully, that’s all been laid to rest as Sherman Palladino extended an invitation. To make the long story short, Sookie is back. Photos from the set shared online showed the actress sporting her character’s trademark bandanna. McCarthy posed together with Yanic Truesdale who reprises his role as Michel Gerard. The actor hinted earlier about a possible love interest for his character this time around.

Will Marfuggi of E! News spoke with the actress about the Gilmore Girls reboot. McCarthy certainly has fond memories of the show. She had no qualms whatsoever about her delight to be back on the show as she had a fantastic time reliving that world. As such, she did not feel that they had been away for long. Melissa McCarthy likely could not contain her excitement for the reboot. When asked for details about the number of episodes, her response surprised everyone.

“Seven hundred. There’s only four movies, but I have written an additional 696 episodes. It’s just kind of me and a voiceover…,” McCarthy revealed. Stay tuned for more updates about Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.