At times, to impose rules, authorities have to take strict measures. However, taking weird means is something that is unheard of. In Spain, the tactics had gone just too bizarre.  A town in the country just installed a giant inflatable poop to discourage dog owners from dumping their pets’ excrement on the roads. Don’t rub your eyes, you read that right!

Recently, the town of Torrelodones shared pictures of the inflatable poop. The idea was to motivate the residents of the city to share these photos as much as possible to pass the message across to dog owners loud and clear with the hashtag #nomascacas. The inflated sculpture is around three meters wide and over two meters high. It is specially designed to work as a reminder to pet owners to clean up the poop of their pup and pooches.

Angel Guiraos, spokesman of the town council informed  The Local that Torrelodones has about 6,000 dogs that can produce about 1,100 pounds of excrement on a daily basis.

“That is more or less what this inflatable represents, the amount of poo left on the streets across the town each day,” Guiraos said. “We are asking dog owners, in a fun non-aggressive way, to realize the importance of cleaning up after their pets.”

Aside from this mammoth poop, there are some other smaller poop sculptures installed in other areas of the town with vivid signs to encourage and cultivate good social behavior among the residents to keep the place neat  by cleaning up after their dogs. “This is one of the greatest obstacles to community spirit in our town. If you own a dog, please help us,” the messages said.

The authorities are hopeful that this move will help them rid the streets of up to half a ton of feces littered by irresponsible dog owners each day.

With a strong visual message, we are hopeful that Torrelodones will be a poop-free place soon! Do you think it will work? Do comment below!