Celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis speak up about her divorce and teased about her “kind of” dating again.

At “The Wendy Williams Show” recently, Williams asked Giada whether she had started dating again since her divorce had been finalized in September.

“I love how she just dropped that in the middle of it, that’s what makes you good at what you do Wendy! “I’m going to say kind of, and I will tell you, this is the first time I’ve actually said that!” De Laurentiis replied.

Giada then opened up about her love for cooking and how it helped her get through the divorce, E! News reported.

“What happened over the years working, you get caught up in your world, and all of a sudden my world came sort of crashing and I got divorced. I have a child, so I became a single mother, so I took a year of sort of reflection. Cooking got me through it. It made me happy.”

Giada and her fashion designer husband Todd Thompson separated last summer after 11 years of marriage.

De Laurentiis has been rumored to be dating fellow Food Network star Bobby Flay, who also divorced wife “Law and Order SVU” actress Stephanie March this year. There have been reports that the two were spotted together in more than one occasion and they look very much like a couple.

When Williams mentioned the rumored romance between her and Flay, De Laurentiis joked that she has been linked to anybody she laid her eyes on even in crossing the street.

William still pressed the question, “Are you in love?”

“God!” De Laurentiis giggled.

De Laurentiis told Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the divorce brought a huge change to her and her seven-year-old daughter, Jade Marie.

“It brought sadness and self-doubt. I found myself revisiting why I ever got into cooking.”

She added that cooking was her way of finding herself again and her comfort zone.