The “Ghostbusters” international trailer is out and Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon are ready to kick to some ghost a** while Chris Hemsworth is looking drool worthy as ever. However, Leslie Jones is as mad as one can be.

All is not well with Leslie Jones. The actress received some epic hate from Twitter, forcing her to think about leaving the social media site. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jones received backlash for her portrayal of an MTA employee in the movie. Twitter users criticised the stress of being ‘stereotypical’ when she played an MTA employee opposite three white actresses, who played the role of scientists.

A particularly miffed Jones asked on the social media platform as to why a regular person cannot be a Ghostbuster. “Regular people save the world everyday so if I’m the sterotype!! [sic] Then so be it!! We walk among Heroes and take them for granted,” she said as reported by THR. “I’m playing a hardworking woman. The regular one that rep the people. You guys are the racists by labeling her a lowly MTA worker. Not me. Doesn’t make her [character] dumb or not needed,” Jones added

Another reason for her being mad is in the trailer itself, explains The Wrap. At one point, the trailer shows Jones and the team busting ghosts during a concert. When Jones’ character tries to crowd surf, she lands straight on the ground as everybody moved away. “I don’t know if it was a race thing or a lady thing but I’m mad as hell,” she is seen saying.

Additionally, the “Ghostbusters” trailer has also given a bit more time to Aussie dreamboat, Chris Hemsworth. Hemsworth is shown as a receptionist in the movie and it seems like Kristen Wiig’s character has some hots for him. He is also shown pitching some logo ideas to the ladies.