Fans of “Ghostbusters” heralded the news of a reboot of the 80s classic. However, the film appears to draw criticism as its arrival in theatres draws near. The latest contention from fans hit on the reboot’s latest trailer.

The second official trailer for “Ghostbusters” debuted recently and it’s raised another red flag among fans. In particular, it might have given away the storyline way ahead of the premiere in July. Screenrant noted several revelations from the two-minute preview.

The participation of Chris Hemsworth in the reboot became hotly-anticipated as it featured the “Thor” star in a different light. His role as the hot and funny receptionist Kevin came across as funny, “adorkable, and sexy.” However, the second trailer makes Kevin as some sort of a bad guy, the publication noted.

The presence of Slimer in the reboot also came into question. The publication noted that his screen time now and in the first trailer didn’t do justice to the role he played in the “Ghostbusters” animated series. To think Empire Magazine featured Slimer on the June 2016 cover, Screenrant revealed in a separate post.

Reviewer James Rolfe, otherwise known as Cinemassacre, probably gave the “Ghostbusters” second official trailer its most scathing review to date. Rolfe chose to share his thoughts on the clip via YouTube to his two million subscribers. As a fan of the original franchise, Rolfe stated his refusal to watch the reboot, reported.

The reviews weren’t all that bad. Wired welcomed the trailer as it showed “more story, more humour, and a lot more bustin,” the publication wrote. Wired also cited what it considered the best line from the clip. “No one should have to encounter that kind of evil, except you girls—I think you can handle it,” a guy phantom told the team. Fans slammed the reboot’s first trailer when it came out as it led to arguments over misogyny owing to its female casting.

Watch the “Ghostbusters” second official trailer.